Enough is enough – when a parrot took action!

Animals are natures ambassadors, in this new e- and audiobook, ‘The Legend of Lord B’ – a thought provoking novella written by Danish indie author, designer and CSR consultant Hans-Henrik Juhl, where kids and adults alike can explore our environmental crisis and biodiversity loss through the voice of our protagonist Lord B – a green Amazonian parrot.

This brave and curious creature is concerned for the future when he sees trees in his rainforest home being felled. Concerned for himself and his family and friends, he sets off to find out who is behind it, and what can be done.

Leaving the rainforest behind, he sets out on a great adventure. Experiencing and learning about the world beyond his forest home, he meets many new animal friends, but also discovers one environmental threat after another. Clearly, it is not just the rainforest that is having problems. Polluted rivers, plastic waste, oil spills, ocean warming… all these issues and more take on new urgency and relevance when seen through the eyes of this curious bird.

Far from moralistic in tone, this is a book which brings complex issues to a child’s eye view. It is great for reading aloud, and starting those big conversations. The overall message concerns us regardless of age, and everyone can empathize with Lord B as his eyes are opening, while holding on trying to find the truth in a complex world.

This is a book that works on several semiotic levels – both textual and visual. It is unlikely to teach adults anything new, but this story can remind us that looking back in our collective ecological footstep and attentively listening to the natural world – we can regain the balance we have lost. It gives us food for thought, helps us examine ourselves and have those tough conversations, while reminding us, in the most charming of ways, that we all have a responsibility for this planet we call home, and contribute to its well-being.

‘The Legend of Lord B’ is now available as e-book on all major bookselling platforms in a directors cut bonus version with 50+ beautiful illustrations – created by handpicked international environmentally-concerned artists from around the globe. The audiobook is enjoyably narrated by two musicians; in Danish by Kim Munk, lead singer in The Broken Beats- and in English by NZ-rapper Daniel Kittow.


Where to find it:, and all major booksellers, libraries and eReolen Global.

Publishing date: 03/14/2022

Languages: English, Danish

Title: The Legend of Lord B
Subtitle: The story of a parrot who took action

Titel: Legenden om Lord B
Undertitel: En papegøje der tog affære

Format e-book: epub
ISBN e-book English version: 978-87-999908-2-5
ISBN e-book Danish version: 978-87-999908-1-8

Format audiobook: FLAC
ISBN audiobook English version: 978-87-999908-4-9
ISBN audiobook Danish version: 978-87-999908-3-2

Publisher:, Denmark

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